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Water Treatment Services

DLWC achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification through the meticulous development of a comprehensive quality management system. By adhering to stringent quality standards, we ensure the provision of services and chemicals that enhance efficiency and extend the operational lifespan of our customers' water systems. Our commitment to Quality Water Management Programs translates into tangible returns on investment for our valued clientele.

Sets of cooling towers in data center building

Cooling Water Treatments

Scale Retardants
pH Control Agents
On-Line Deposit Removers
Potable Water Treatments
Engine Test Cooling System
Corrosion Inhibitors
Multi-Blend Products

Petri Dish

Microbiological Treatments

Broad-Spectrum Biocides

Bromine - Element of Mendeleev Periodic table magnified with magnifying glass

Bromate Reduction

DLWC has developed a patent pending modified advanced oxidation process for reducing bromate formation during remediation of 1,4 dioxane in ground water. This process uses multiple injection points for ozone, precisely controlled hydrogen peroxide and ozone concentration and a chemical mixture to block the formation of bromate during and after 1,4 dioxane destruction process. The final step includes sand filtration directly after the destruction process to remove iron that acts as catalyst in bromate formation.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Waste Water Treatments

Oil Emulsion Breakers

Inorganic and Organic Flocculants
Coagulant Aids
Odor Masking Agents

New shiny pipes and large tanks in industrial boiler room

Equipment Systems

Chemical Feed Equipment
Automatic Blowdown Control
Corrosion Monitoring
Softener and R.O. System

Cloud Reports Based System

Engineer working with tablet PC near power plant

Additional Capabilities

Complete Water Analysis
In-Plant Testing
Field Consulting Services
Complete Laboratory Facilities
Waste Water Consulting
Technical Services
Deposition Monitoring
Complete Pre-Treatment Consulting
Custom Training Seminars
Health and Safety Training
Heat Recovery Studies
Energy Efficiency Consulting

Drum for generator steam of HRSG boilers systems

Boiler Water Treatments

Polymeric Dispersants
Sequestrants for Scale
Softening Agents
Oxygen Scavengers
Alkalinity Builders
Non-Precipitating Treatments
Multi-Blend Products

Oil barrels blue and white or chemical drums stacked up

Return Line Treatments

Neutralizing Amines
Combinations Neutralizing
Amine Products
Custom Blended Treatments

Oxygen Scavengers

PFAS Contamination graphic

PFAS Remediation

DLWC has designed and built a PFAS destruction pilot system which includes a modified advanced oxidation process. The PFAS pilot system includes a separation/concentration stage with a PFAS concentrate storage tank. The system utilizes multiple ozone injectors for the process. A variable speed drive pump for water flow allows precise control at 1-5gpm. The system is also equipped with chemical tanks and sample ports for each stage of the process. Safety controls include an ozone destruct unit. The final step includes a re-circulation tank and post treatment with ion exchange to produce non detect levels of PFAS.

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