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Microbiological Treatment

Corrosion caused by microbiological growth is the chief risk to the integrity of cooling water systems. Vigilant monitoring of biological activity within these systems is paramount to ensure minimal corrosion rates and optimal heat transfer surfaces. Even a slight layer of biological fouling can impede heat transfer as scale build ups. Failure to implement adequate chemical treatment can result in extensive damage to system components, and treatment can be further complicated by rigorous environmental regulations.


At DLWC, we specialize in comprehensive on-site monitoring of anaerobic and aerobic bacteria as well as algae presence in your cooling water system. Leveraging a suite of monitoring techniques, including ATP testing, slime-forming bacteria analysis, sulfate reducer testing, iron bacteria assessment, Legionella analysis and standard dip slides, we can deliver precise insights into your system health. Our track record of long time satisfied clients attests to the efficacy of our interventions in enhancing water management programs.


Our services encompass:

  • Maximization of heat transfer efficiency

  • Microbiological fouling control

  • Superior corrosion and fouling protection

  • Mitigation of potential health hazards

  • Minimization of downtime stemming from inadequate chemical control

  • Reduction of maintenance expenditures

  • Diminished labor costs associated with repairs or replacements

  • Lowered capital expenses

  • Enhanced overall system performance

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Request a Quote

Here at DLWC, we understand the serious impact that microbiological induced fouling and corrosion can have on your cooling water system. That's why we offer monitoring and treatment programs to keep your system running smoothly. Our team of experts will work with you to develop a customized plan that fits your specific needs and ensures that your system is running efficiently and is free from harmful bacteria.

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