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Our Promise

D & L Water Control, Inc. offers complete process water treatment solutions for boiler, cooling, and wastewater systems. Using innovative field service technology, custom chemical blending, and advanced process control equipment we are able to provide our customers with asset protection, resource efficiency, and environmental regulatory compliance. The initial strategy for our business and industrial water treatment customers involves evaluating the requirements, establishing a plan of action, implementing the program and reviewing the program on a regular basis. We strive to provide the highest level of personal integrity so that we continually make recommendations with our customer's best interests in mind. We assign a technically competent account management staff to assure ideal system results at each location. We are proud to have faithfully served many of our customers for over two decades, and some even more than three decades!

Our Team

Doug Day

President & Owner
Douglas Day

Doug is a Michigan native with an unyielding commitment to environmental stewardship. His journey began in the classrooms of high school biology, where he inspired young minds with his love for biology and environmental sciences. Transitioning into the professional world of industrial water treatment, Doug first worked at a major industry leader before his academic insight, industry experience, and entrepreneurial spirit led him to carve out his own path founding D & L Water Control, Inc. in 1990. Today, fueled by his passion for helping customers solve their water treatment problems and backed by years of hands-on experience, Doug and the entire team at DLWC are committed to finding solutions for businesses both large and small across the Midwest.

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What We Do

  • Cooling Water Treatments

  • Lake Water Phosphate Removal

  • Energy & Waste Reduction

  • Water & Wastewater Design

  • PFAS Remediation

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems

  • Cycle Chemistry Training

  • Boiler Water Treatments

  • Bottom Ash Treatments

  • ISO 9001-2015 Certified

  • Engineering & Design

  • AOP Systems

  • Modified AOP Bromate Reduction

  • Heat Recovery Studies

  • Microbiological Treatments

  • MMF Lake Water Treatment

  • Health & Safety Training

  • Environmental Remediation

  • FGD Wastewater Treatment

  • Energy Efficiency Consulting



We design, blend, and/or provide specialized chemicals for specific applications. The core of our business lies in our expertise and agility to precisely craft solutions that meet the individual needs of our customers. We have the ability to provide chemicals in returnable drums, returnable tote tanks, mini-bulk or bulk tank truck shipments. The form of shipment is based on each specific location needs. Our production and warehousing facility is located in Canton, Michigan. Our Laboratory Analytical Testing consists of complete water analysis, corrosion coupon analysis, microbiological analysis with ATP bioluminescence and spectrophotometric analysis of metals. Special studies can be conducted as needed to offer the customer complete water analysis and treatment for their systems. We offer our customers access to the latest web-based technologies to streamline and track their program performance, such as our Cloud Based Reports System and automatic feed equipment..



  • Designed treatment program for FGD Wastewater at DTE Monroe Power Plant which has a capability to produce 3,000 megawatts. Total Water usage at the plant is over 600,000 gpm.

  • Developed cooling water, boiler water, and wastewater treatment program for Dow Chemical Midland Plant saving over $250,000 yearly in chemical cost with improved performance.

  • Developed a chemical treatment program and helped with the design of the DTE Monroe Bottom Ash River Water System. The current system reduces turbidity of the 9,000gpm bottom ash water from a high of 1,000 ntu during dumping to <30 ntu in the discharge.

  • Engineered chemical filtration treatment system for DTE Energy lake water removal of turbidity and organics saving $250,000 yearly.

  • Designed million-gallon pond water treatment program for phosphate removal at Spring Valley College reducing phosphate from 4.27ppm to 0.09ppm.

  • Developed a patent pending technology to prevent bromate formation during 1,4 Dioxane destruction of groundwater in aquifer contamination.

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